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9mm Ammunition

All to Know about 9mm Ammunition

9mm cartridge
9mm cartridge

As of this writing, the 9mm ammunition is the most popular of all types of ammunition for small guns. This gun ammunition assures the user of the highest level of reliability and accuracy compared to other types of ammunition. It is not a wonder, therefore, that this type of ammunition has been adopted as the standard by the police and other groups of people. Even among private owners of handguns, the 9mm far outdoes all other types of ammunition. The United States police and other police departments all across the world have adopted the 9mm ammunition in overwhelming numbers. If you own a gun that can fire these rounds, you can get cheap 9mm ammo at Lucky Gunner from their online store.

The Popular Ammo

The 9mm ammunition was developed by the German firearms designer George Luger in 1902. He then presented the pistol that used these rounds to the British Small Arms Committee in the year 1903 through a company known as Vickers Limited. The British Small Arms Committee made an approval of it almost immediately. Luger then presented the same Weldon with ammunition to the American Army in the same year. After tests at the Springfield Arsenal, the American Army also approved of the pistol and ammunition. Although the 9mm ammunition was meant to be used in pistols, it soon found use in the machine pistols and machine guns as used by the German army during World War I. It has since proven to be the best type of ammunition in any firearm.

Its Origins

Although George Luger is given credit for having designed the ammunition, the commercial success of the 9mm ammunition is given to the German company Deutsche Waffen – und Munitionsfabriken or DWM. It all started with George, who was working for a company called Loewe & Co., was asked to design ammunition for a gun. He designed the 7.65mm Parabellum. However, there was a resounding disapproval of this type of ammunition given that it had very little stopping power. Luger then designed the 9mm Parabellum which quickly became popular across the world. Although Luger had designed this type of ammunition to simply wound an enemy rather than kill them, the weapon proved to be a very lethal piece of ammunition. Armies across the globe quickly adopted this ammunition in various ways.

9mm ammo
9mm ammo

1900 to 1910

At the time of adopting the 9mm Parabellum from Germany, Belgium also produced its own version of the 9mm ammo called the 9 x 20 mm browning long that found use in many European regions such as Belgium itself, the Netherlands, Sweden, France and the Ottoman Empire. With time, however, the adoption of the more effective 9mm designed by Luger soon overtook the one from Belgium. As time went by, the one from Germany completely overtook the Belgian one to the extent that the browning long is no longer in use anywhere in the world. The versions available are simply from gun collectors. Italy also had a version of the 9mm that was used from 1910 but to a lesser extent compared to that of the popular 9mm by Luger.

World War 1

Going into the First World War, Germany had already adopted the use of the 9mm ammunition as the standard ammunition for its army. The German army was the first one to have tested and proven that the 9mm bullet is the best for use in small arms and the large guns such as machine guns. With the right guns, the German army was able to withstand a lot of war activities from its enemies. Given that an army is only as good as its army men, it was easy for Germany to outdo its neighbor since no other army had found the effectiveness of these weapons to be handy as Germany had done. With time, however, other nations caught up coming into the Second  World War.

World War II

Second World War saw to some changes to the 9mm bullet. Rather than the core being made of lead, it was made of iron core. This was a deliberate effort to conserve the lead reserves of Germany. The bullet that resulted from this change, due to a having an iron core, was called the black bullet jacket. After this war, the iron ore was again replaced by copper. The copper has been used widely and the bullets of today have been made of copper as the material is easily available and can thus be made commercially available for the masses. The color of the 9mm bullet is brown red due to the copper that goes into making the bullet.

The Bullet of Today

Today, you can easily get cheap 9mm ammo from firms such as Lucky Gunner. This type of bullet is easily available and with a gun license, you get bullets with ease. At least 70 countries around the world have adopted the use of the 9mm bullet owing to its advantages such as accuracy, weight, and the fact that it is almost the standard bullet everywhere. There are many guns both small and large that use the 9mm bullet. With the police and private persons having given a big vote of confidence to the 9mm bullet, one can only think of a time when the 9mm ammunition will be the bullet of choice for everyone. Its price is also going down and hence easily accessible by everyone.