Wife with FN Herstal FN2000


Welcome to firearms-rush.com – a website that allows us to celebrate the excitement of gun metal and the explosive fury of firearms. As an enthusiast, there’s nothing like achieving the perfectshot through fine meditation and a commanding control of the weapon.

.308 Sniper RifleSince the first firing of a powerful .308 sniper rifle, I experienced a thrill that was not only exhilarating, but a highly unique sensation that sank deep into my consciousness and forever altered my human experience.

As I gazed through the weapon’s scope, I lowered the rate of my heart and breath, concentrated on the objective, and after several moments of deep meditation, released a round that masterfully connected with its destiny.

The intense sense of satisfaction I experienced would repeat itself over and over again with the experimentation of various firearms that would come to include .44 Magnums, .38 Specials, AK-47s, AR-15 with grenade launchers, 12 guage shotguns, 9 mm Glocks, Desert Eagles and a list that continues to grow as of today and throughout the continuation of my existence.

Perfect Target Shot

This sensation joins the powerful entities in my human experience that include sex, beer, money, oceanfront estates and exotic cars. Here, you and I will explore as many firearms and weapons as possible as they reveal their unique powers and thrills that will come to define that magic sensation of the firearms rush.

Below are you’ll find a collection of firearms that I’ve had the pleasure of shooting over the years. Click through and read about my experiences with them, learn their technical profiles and calibers used, and gain an overall sense and appreciation of them.