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FN Herstal FS2000 Tactical Carbine

FN Herstal FS2000

The FN Herstal FS2000 is a civilian-legal 5.56x45mm NATO/223 Remington bullpup semi-automatic, gas operated assault carbine and one mean and deliciously powerful machine!!

Designed by Belgium manufacturer FN Herstal, The F2000 was unleashed upon the world on March 2001 in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates during the at the IDEX defense exhibition after six years of development from 1995 through 2001. It remains in production to this day and has served in the Australian led Operation Astute in East Timor as well as the War in Afghanistan led by the United States.

FN Herstal FS2000 Tactical Carbine

Immediately evident is its lusciously modern design with all of the features of a weapon one would expect from playing a video game. In fact, contemporary pop culture has adopted the FS2000 in films such as Terminator Salvation and GI Joe: Rise of Cobra, TV Shows such as the Unit, and various video game series including Battlefield, Splinter Cell, Modern Warfare and Tom Clancy (to name just a few). Its beauty and artful form is brilliantly balanced by its vicious killer design and its ferocious assault capabilities.

Available in the USA through FNH USA at various dealers nationwide (where legal) as well as multiple online venues, the American models include either the 10 or 30 (Standard STANAG) round capacity FS2000 Standard, which are gas operated, closed rotary bolt, bullpup carbines chamberig 5.56x45mm NATO/223 Remington cartridges, and come complete with a standard M16 Optical sight module.

According to FNH USA, specifications describe the FS2000 as weighing 8.04 lbs (3.65 kg), measuring 27.08 inches (688 mm) in length, 3.2 inches in width (81.3 mm), 10.2 inches in height (259.1 mm) with a barrel length of 17.44 inches (443 mm). Though a semi-automatic, its original mother, the F2000 is capable of a rate of fire of 850 rounds per minute. All models have an effective range of 1,640 feet (500 meters).

FN Herstal FS2000 Tactical Carbine

FN Herstal adopted some of its important features from the P90 submachine guns including the trigger mechanism and the safety system. Its ambidextrous bullpup design facilitates handling, and the magazine catch and release button is installed symmetrically on the pistol grip. The magazine is loaded towards the rear of the body as opposed to the front as most bullpup designs, allowing for a much shorter exposed barrel which is useful during close assault situations. A small lift entry is located at the rear top indicating the presence of a round in the barrel, and the spent casings are collected in groups of two to five, then expelled at the front-right portion of the weapon when a small lift gate is closed, eliminating gaseous debris from smothering the shooter’s face.

Though complicated looking, just a few elements compose the FS200. A quick removal of a pin removes the sight cover and module revealing the Picatinny rail. Most of the exposed steel is made of composite material while the barrel is a chromed hammer forged steel featuring a flash suppressor with an angled cut at the end. FN Herstal claims the barrel can retain its accuracy even after 20,000, non-sustained rounds.

The FS2000 does have some limited aftermarket parts available, most useful of which is the flashlight module replacing the lower front hub. While the FS2000 Standard does not come with the computer programming to carry it, the F2000 is capable of carrying a proprietary lightweight 40 mm under-slung GL1 grenade launcher, capable of firing off a low velocity 40×46 mm grenade.

The FS2000 is a civilian firearms enthusiast’s dream. Ownership is the only proper entity that should be available in a human’s life. Some of the best features in terms of personal use and experience includes the almost immediate recovery from the sights to the target. After firing off a round, you are practically instantly ready for a second, equally accurate shot. Moreover, the powerful 5.56x45mm NATO/223 Remington cartridges smoothly fly off the weapon as if firing a .22 rifle, yet delivering the brutal and forceful punishment of a .223. For the faint of heart and the light of wallet, purchasing this badboy might be a thrill in and of itself. All of the features and near perfection you get with this masterful instrument comes at a steep price – currently just under $2,200. Nevertheless, this is hands down a machine to own!

Wife shooting an FN Herstal FS2000 Tactical Carbine

Beretta CX-4 Storm Tactical Carbine

The Cx4 Beretta Storm

The Cx4 Beretta Storm is a beautifully designed semi-automatic carbine intended for cartridges and magazines to be interchangeable with other Beretta semi-automatic pistols.

Designed by Italian manufacturer Beretta, the Beretta Cx4 Storm has been in production since 2003 and is aimed at the home defense market, but has also become popular in various police forces and SWAT teams throughout the United States.

Beretta CX-4 Storm Tactical Carbine

It’s unique practical design facilitates chambering, push-button dissemblance for rapid maintenance, dual side customization, and most importantly the ability to load cartridges compatible with Beretta pistols and can even interchange with other manufacturers’ magazines with some costly modifications.

According to, the robust polymeric materials, or technopolymers, aided in the highly futuristic and ergonomic design of the Cx4 Beretta Storm which is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also extremely versatile offering superior¬†performance, safety and reliability. It’s steel barrel is chrome lined for maximum corrosion resistance aimed at increasing the barrel’s and the overall weapon’s life. It is further equipped with a rubber recoil pad which improves comfort and contributes to a better, more accurate shot by minimizing the time to adjust the sights after recoil.

Similar to the Beretta pistols it is meant to be interchanged with, the loads operate on a standard blowback system, allowing each fired round to set into place the subsequent round through its rearward thrust while simultaneously releasing the spent case. The most widely used interchangeable pistol is the Beretta 92FS and its 9x19mm Parabellum cartridge. Among the included cartridge capabilities are the 9x21mm IMI, .40 S&W and the .45 ACP.

The firearm’s physical specifications define its weight as 2.575 kg or 5.68 lbs, its length at 755mm or 29.7 inches which includes its barrel length at 422.5mm or 16.6 inches. The Beretta Storm Cx4 is 63mm or 2.5 inches wide and 190mm or 7.5 inches tall. Load capacities through its feed system include 8, 10, 11, 15, 20 or 30 round plastic box magazines. The Beretta Cx4 Storm comes standard with a 2 position¬†aperture flip sight at the rear and an adjustable front post sight.

Beretta CX-4 Storm Tactical Carbine

In the video on this page, my wife is seen firing a Beretta Storm Cx4 using 9mmx19 cartridges and a holographic scope sight; the Beretta Storm Cx4 is highly customizable and the holographic scope is an excellent example of its customization capabilities. Notice how precise each shot is, connecting each shot with its target precisely and consistently. After her session, she claimed that the recoil was almost completely absorbed by the Cx4 and she had little trouble connecting the sights with the targets after each shot. Additionally, the scope had significantly facilitated her aiming, and the weight of the firearm reduced fatigue and kept her in line with her objectives. As I observed the beauty of the weapon, she was able to fully appreciate its ergonomics and performance.

I wanted to get her this carbine so I’d have an excuse to get myself a Beretta 92, but she turned me down in favor of the insanely expensive and powerful FN Herstal FS2000!

Wife shooting a Beretta CX-4 Storm Tactical Carbine

AR15 Assault Rifle


AR-15 Assault Rifle

The AR-15 is a semi-automatic, fully automatic and service rifle known originally as the ArmaLite model 15 designed by Eugene Stoner in 1957 and has been in service since 1958 through present. Several manufacturers claim the AR-15 including ArmaLite and Colt, and it’s most famous variant is the M16 Selective Fire assault rifle. Having acquired the rights in 1959, Colt manufactured the M16 to the U.S. Navy, Army, Airforce and Marine Corps while simultaneously marketing the brand to law enforcement agencies as well as civilian customers. The M16 is highly recognizable as the primary assault rifle during the Vietnam war.

Only the lower receiver assembly is designated as a firearm, which unlike most other rifles, contains the serial number in conjunction with the firing mechanisms. This feature allows upper assemblies to be quickly interchanged and mail-ordered as separate, non-weapon designated parts. The detachable STANG magazines can fire may different types of rounds, but the AR-15 was designed mainly for the .223 Remington and the 5.56 NATO.

AR-15 Assault Rifle

I have the great pleasure of using one fitted with a 40mm grenade launcher. Unfortunately, I don’t have legal access to 40mm projectile grenades and therefore cannot write about their use, but I can use the rifle with 9mm rounds in its magazine. The grenade launcher adds extra weight to the barrel and extra support is necessary to keep the sights lined with the target, but the rifle is excellent at absorbing the recoil from its comparatively small rounds, making each successive shot easier to align and maneuver. If it were a fully automatic version, it would be easy to maintain the current target. For this reason, the M16 is so successful at creating massive wounding and hydrostatic shock with its rapid fire energy.

Because of many factors including its ease of handling, reliability and most importantly, its versatility, the AR-15 will continue to be a popular firearm in the Military, law enforcement and civilian sport worldwide. Beyond that, I think it looks cool and is fun to shoot. I like the rubber grips on some of the models I’ve tried, and I do enjoy the .223 cartridges, which add a nice solid punch.

Shooting an AR-15 Assault Rifle