Cheap Ammo

Cheap Ammo

Cheap Ammo

Cheap ammo proved to be difficult when I started getting back into shooting. Just a few years back, ammunition seemed perfectly well priced and I’d never consider them a terrible expense. But since then a few things have happened. For one, I have become far more financially challenged with increasing responsibilities, three children, a mortgage, cars, and the list goes on and on. But that’s relative to my experience. In actuality, the cost of raw materials including aluminum, brass, copper and lead, and even some alloying metals including antimony, bismuth, bronze, tin and tungsten has skyrocketed in recent years similar to the appreciative activities of gold and silver.

Moreover, the cost of gasoline has severely increased, which has a tremendous impact to the cost of shipping, particularly since ammunition gets incredibly heavy by the truck load.

cheap in stock 45 Long Colt Ammunition=

But once the firearms fire was reignited in my soul, there was now way I was going to let the cost of ammunition get in the way – I needed to figure out how to get myself some cheap ammo. There are several levels of action to take into consideration when looking for cheap ammunition. Let’s start things off from most to leastexpensive, then look further down as I list some options for caliber specific cheap ammo.

Choose Wisely I’ll admit, I messed this one up majorly. Right from the beginning, a good consideration is to make sure you’re getting a firearm that meets your needs, whether it’s hunting, target shooting or home defense, then choose the long term cost considerations. The cheapest by far, and a big choice at the ranges, are the .22LR firearms. You can buy thousands of these rounds and pay relatively little for the .22LR cartridges over the life of the weapon, costing as little as 3.6 cents per round.

I chose the ridiculously expensive but massively fun 45 Long Colt for one of myfirearms. Not only are they painfully pricey, they’re also difficult to find. I found a great source of cheap 45 Long Colt ammo, with rounds starting at 56.5 cents (ouch!). I did ultimately have to go down to the 45ACP cartridges to have some more economical fun, accuracy and appropriate defence.

Start Retail

When you first get your firearm, you want to start shooting right away. Every time I get a new firearm, I tend to clean out all the cartridges they have on hand at the store. Then, if I have an impromptu shooting session and need more ammunition, I’ll stop by the local armory and pick up some ammunition. It is never cheap, you’re paying extra for their rent, and you’ll have to pay your local taxes. Many times though, they’ll never have exactly what you want. On the positive note, they’re convenient and you’ll be supporting local business. My suggestion is keep them handy, but move on for better deals.

Go Online

Online shopping is the way to go, I’ve been shopping online for over a decade, from eBay to Amazon and a bunch of smaller websites searching for everything from gifts, toys, jewelry (bought our wedding bands and engagement ring with an ideal cut diamond), to more recently lasers, strobe lights, ammunition and even firearms. Online ammunition is always going to be cheaper than retail, and it’s what I do most now. I used to like CheaperthanDirt, but now I like The secret is buying just enough ammunition to override the shipping costs, because they don’t charge tax, once you get past the cost comparison to retail (in my case it’s three cases of 50 rounds then we’re off), the savings are substantial. Plus they carry Bulk Ammo, Reloaded Ammo, and they always have Specials and Deals. Until I start reloading, I always get my cheap ammo from them.

Buy Reloaded Ammunition

The way to go for any plinking session and good cheap ammunition and target practice is to find yourself a source for cheap reloaded ammunition. One of the best sources of reloaded ammo is Military Ballistics Industries. This is an American company producing cheap reloaded ammo right here in the United States, and I was extremely lucky to find the 45 Long Colt Flat Nose Cartridges in Full Metal Jacket – I was incredibly excited and ready to marauder the night!!

Reload Your Own Ammunition

I have not yet gotten into the practice, but I absolutely will. There are some complexities here, like deciding to buy bullets or make your own from recycled metal and getting together all the tools and supplies. The most expensive thing is to get your equipment set up, but I have my eye on the Breech Lock Challenger Press and Bushings 50th Anniversary Kit. My understanding is that you get your investment back in as few as 100 to 200 rounds, so I plan on getting into reloading big time. Once I do, You bet I’m going to devote an entire section on this website to reloading.

Thas was a brief introduction on getting yourself some cheap ammo. Now I’m going to go down the list of valuable sources for cheap ammunition by caliber. Bear with me as I try to provide a good list of sources, and always check back with me as I add more calibers to the site, along with firearms, beer, money, and all things pleasurable in life.

Cheap Ammo For Pistols: 

Cheap 45 Long Colt Ammunition=The 45 Long Colt – The 45 Long Colt, properly named the .45 Colt, goes back to 1872 and was a joint development between the Colt Patent Manufacturing Company and the Union Metallic Cartridge Company. The U.S. Army began using it in 1873 for 19 years before its discontinuation. Today, it lives in its modern adaptation with updated smokeless powder and FMJ bullets, as well as Cowboy Action Shooting cartridges with original gun powder and raw lead bullets.

9mm ammo
9mm ammo

The 9mm Cartridge – As of this writing, the 9mm ammunition is the most popular of all types of ammunition for small guns. This gun ammunition assures the user of the highest level of reliability and accuracy compared to other types of ammunition. It is not a wonder, therefore, that this type of ammunition has been adopted as the standard by the police and other groups of people.

45 ACP Ammo
45 ACP Ammo

The 45 Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP) is a cartridge designed for use with handguns. The 45 ACP is by far one of the most effective handgun ammunitions of its generation. It blends both accuracy and stopping power to create an optimal effectiveness against human targets.  Because of its effectiveness, the United States military had long adopted it for the use of its forces and various police forces around the world have also adopted this ammunition for use.

380 ACP Ammo
380 ACP Ammo

The 380 Automatic Colt Pistol is a cartridge used in handguns for practicing activities such as target practice, plinking or range training. They are low powered rounds which got introduced in those blowback pistols. They were developed with a barrel locking mechanism. These cartridges are light which has a shorter range while compared to recently developed pistol rounds. Hence it can be simple and come at relatively low costs.

Cheap Ammo For Rifles: 

5.56x45 ammo
5.56×45 ammo

The 5.56×45 ammo is a very popular cartridge used in the M4 series of rifles. It is also used in other military-style rifles. Due to its high efficiency and speed, many users have preferred it for shooting competitions, home defense and by law enforcement cruisers.

223 Remington Ammo
223 Remington Ammo

223 Remington Ammo is a cartridge meant to be used in rifles. It is the most widely used cartridge today. Its capacity is trusted so much that it is used as a primary source in the United States military today. It is widely used even by NATO forces. It is even used for sporting purpose especially for hunting.

45 Long Colt Ammunition= cheap in stock ammo