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Taurus Judge 410 45 Long Colt

The Taurus Judge

The Taurus Judge is a great firearm for high pressure, close encounter situations where the rush of fear and adrenaline overpower the ability to properly aim. Loaded with a .410 Bore Shotgun Shell, any assailant would be viciously hurt or killed by one of these rounds, and all the victim needs to do is point in the direction and shoot!

When I finally got around to getting my wife a home defense weapon of her own, I tried to think logically and followed it with some good research and personal history. I also took her to the range a few times and tried on a variety of firearms to see how well she would do. She proved to be an excellent shot at every weapon she tried and seemed like an instant master. Unfortunately, she has incredible taste in everything from jewelry to men (thank you very much), and firearms were no exception. As such, she decided that she really enjoyed the FN Herstal FS2000, but would even “settle” for a Beretta CX-4 Storm.

I was proud of her for making such bold statements, but I wasn’t prepared to spend over two grand on an FS2000, and an AR-15 was a much better value than the CX-4 storm, but neither were appropriate for home defense purposes.

After some research and consideration, I decided to look into getting a Mossberg 12 Guage Shotgun with an 18” barrel. She agreed to go to the local armory and try one out.

Taurus Judge 410 45 Long Colt

At the gun shop, we requested to view the Mossberg, and as she tried it on to give it a good pump, the thing made her look like she was 12 years old! I knew the salesperson was being very polite and contained himself, but very shortly thereafter he provided an adequate suggestion: the Taurus Judge, a 5 round capacity revolver with a three inch barrel capable of firing 2.5” .410 Shotgun Shells as well as the massive .45 Colt cartridge, or more commonly referred to as the 45 Long Colt.

I deeply wanted to get a firearm with a rail system, and the store’s Taurus Judge did not have one. They were nice enough to try and find me one, but after two weeks of search with no luck, I decided to go online and find myself a discontinued version at a reduced price. With a simple order and FFL file, we had the Judge delivered by the end of the week. After about ten minutes of paperwork and background check, I loaded up on a vicious amount of ammo and headed home with our new firearm.


The Taurus Judge is produced by Taurus International of Porto Alegre, Brazil and imported into Miami, Florida. The name changed to the Taurus Judge from 4410 then later 4510 as the company learned that judges in high crime areas of Miami, Florida were purchasing the model to bring to courtrooms for self defense purposes.

Their current lineup consists of 12 variants, from its polymer Public Defender to the Stainless Steel models to the one we have, a Blued Steel black that has the spirit of a wild Mustang.

The Specs

The Taurus Judge comes in several variants, there are several key aspects that are common among all models:

– Available in Stainless Steel, Blued Steel, or Polymer
– .45 Colt / .410 Bore 2.5” Chamber, 3” Barrel
– 5 Round Capacity
– “Ribber” Grips (they work great at absorbing the recoil)
– Fixed Red/Orange Fiber Optics Sight (I like this, works great at gathering light in the dark)
– Discontinued, but I found mine with a Rail System
– 23 Ounces with the Rail System

The rail system allowed my to go on amazon and get a Hilight 190 Lumen Pistol LED Strobe Flashlight with Weaver Quick Release. The first time I tested the flashlight, I pointed it to my eyes and it blinded me!! What a thrill!

The Ammunition

The combination of the .410 Bore Shotgun Shell and the 45 Colt make it an interesting choice of firearm. I knew that my wife would be able to handle the .410 bore shell, and I was attracted to the powerful 45 Long Colt. And each choice of ammunition comes with some interesting combinations as well.

.410 Bore Shotgun Shells

This is the choice of power you want armed in the home or car at all times for those high adrenaline close encounter situations. Point and shoot is all the accuracy you need with these. The main difference is that you have the 000 Buckshot .410 for target practice and shooting snakes, and the recently introduced Winchester PDX .410 Defender.

The PDX 410 was specifically designed for the Taurus Judge and has three plated discs with 12 bb pellets following right behind them. They cost twice as much, but are worth it to keep in your Judge at all times for their stopping power.

.45 Long Colts

These badboys were one of the reasons I decided to commit to the Taurus Judge. I had lots of fun with 45 acp rounds and love the bigger bang of 44 magnums in both revolver and semi automatic forms, so I knew I’d like these cartridges. With the 45 Long Colts however, I found out that they can be tricky to find, expensive when available, and come in what’s callled a Cowboy cartridge, which are essentially raw lead bullets and higher grain powder that emulate original 45 Colt Cowboy shooting.

With some good research I found ways around these issues. For one, Hornady 45 Long Colt Hollow Point LEVERevolution is the defensive choice for this caliber and I keep them at the side in case I’m the one that needs to use it. It has a trajectory speed of 960 fps and is meant to flatten upon connecting with soft tissue, dissipating the probability of going through the other side of the assailant. Beyond that, it has nice accuracy compared to the cheaper 45 Long Colts I’ve used for practice.

45 Long Colt Defensive Ammunition=

45 Long Colt Defensive Ammunition=

Now, I’ve also used Federal ammunition for the Long Colt, but they tend to be extremely expensive and hard to come by. Ultimately, I found the Military Ballistics Industries 45 Long Colt Full Metal Jacket Flat Nose for almost 40% less!!!! I can’t tell you how excited I was to find a FMJ bullet that much cheaper than the Federal Ammunition with the Flat Nose half exposed lead, online, without having to travel nearly 16 miles!!

The Test

I enjoyed taking the Taurus Judge and testing out our new range and see how far I could push the membership privileges. I’ve gone several times very early in the morning, one hour after sunrise as the rules state, and found myself alone and meditative as I released round after round of powerful and furious projectiles.

Taurus Judge TargetImmediately I noticed the heavy yet nicely distributed weight on the firearm. The 000 Buckshots centered nicely on the target with minimal aiming. The Hornady 45 Long Colt Hollow Point LEVERevolution really went where I wanted it to go.

The only major disappointment was the Federal Ammunition target .45 Long Colt. For some time, I just couldn’t get it to where I wanted it to go. I was surprised at one point after a couple of sessions at the range, they started listening to me! But after they run out, I’m going to get started at testing out the Military Ballistics Industries 45 Long Colt Full Metal Jacket Flat Nose, 40% and full metal jacket, even if they shoot the same they’re going to be much better.

One thing is for sure though, by far the best round that goes through the Taurus Judge is the Winchester PDX .410 Defender; the recoil is the lightest, its direction is the straightest, it groups centered nicely on the target, and it creates the most damage. It was kind of a pleasure to shoot.

Overall, the Taurus Judge is a fantastic home defense tool worthy of any residential armory. I have no regrets purchasing this fantastic firearm, and neither does my wife. Late in the evening, we parade around the house on practice runs; her with her Taurus Judge and strobing flashlight, and me with my 45acp and laser. Anyone lucky enough to be noticing our windows in the pre-dawn hours would get quite a thrill, and a clear message!

Taurus Judge 410 45 Long Colt

Ruger Redhawk 44

The Ruger RedHawk

The Ruger Redhawk may not be everyone’s favorite 44 Mag, but I find it to be a serious, powerful, accurate (for its class) and fully enjoyable double action revolver!! This high grade blue or stainless steel beast was among the world’s most powerful pistols during its introduction in 1979!

The Ruger Redhawk was first introduced to the world in 1979 by manufacturer Sturm, Ruger & Company and continues to be in production as of today. Primarily revered for its extended .44 Magnum cartridge, the Redhawk has over the years been designed to handle multiple types of cartridges in its extended six roundcylinder. These have included the .38 Special, .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum, .44 Special, .45 Colt and .454 Casull.

Ruger Redhawk TargetTheir current lineup redefines the Redhawk as the Super Redhawk which includes 2 Alaskan models with a 2.5″ barrel and 2 Standard models with a 7.5″ barrel as well as the 9.5″ – each nearing about $1,000 US dollars. According to their website, the features include Ruger’s triple locking cylinder which is locked to the frame at the front, rear and bottom for a more dependable shot during continuous use, corrosion resistant stainless steel, the integral scope system with mounts machined directly on the frame and free scope rings, a powerful extended frame, RECOIL CUSHIONING HOGUE® TAMER™ MONOGRIP® with an internal recoil cushion positioned under the web of the hand to reduce the impact of powerful loads, dual chambering for .44 Magnum models, which also accept all factory .44 Special cartridges and .454 Casull models, as well as .45 Colt cartridges.

Starting with the Alaskan models, the overall length is 7.62″ and weigh 41 to 44 ounces. The standard models range from 13″ and 53 ounces to 15″ and 58 ounces.

I had the privilege of firing off a 7.5″ barreled .44 Magnum Ruger Redhawk with the adjustable front and rear sights. At 53 ounces, the pistol felt firm and heavy yet manageable and comfortably assuring. I fired this pistol with and without a scope, and have to admit that firing it without the scope gives me better accuracy and makes me feel closely connected with my target. The detonation of each shot feels explosive and exhilarating, the recoil makes me feel alive, and the accuracy of each roundconnecting with its destiny greets me with feelings of mastery and elation.

Ruger Redhawk

It is the Ruger Redhawk that epitomizes the .44 Magnum experience for me. I would find it to be an especially interesting lineup in anyone’s firearm collection, which would consist first of a .38 Special then this .44 Magnum.

Ruger Redhawk


Springfield Armory XD 45ACP

The Springfield Armory XD 45ACP

The Springfield Armory XD 45ACP is a serious home defense, self defense concealed carry firearm with exceptional quality, accuracy and power. Currently with 29 variants and 4 color combinations, from the 3 inch sub-compact models to the XDM 5.25” to the new 2012 XDS .45 ACP, there is a Springfield XD for everyone.

Springfield Armory XD 45ACP

I recently got my wife an incredibly powerful Taurus Judge for home defense and self protection. I wanted something that had good stopping power, but more importantly, that required little skill and aiming accuracy. When chambered with the .410 bore shotgun shell, all she has to do is aim, shoot, and severely damage whatever is in her way. As an extra level of security, I attached a 190 lumen strobing flashlight to stun any assailant before he meets with his inevitable fate. The final driving force that led me to the purchasing decision was that it could be chambered with the modernized classic .45 Long Colt, a mean and powerful classic with a big kick and decent accuracy.

As I took the Judge to the range over and over, I decided that the best thing to come out of that revolver was the defense quality .410 bore shell, and even the .45 Colt Hollow Point. But it lacked the accuracy I desired. Yet, I was really enjoying the .45, so I had to get back to the local armory and really think about what I was going to get next.

Springfield Armory XD 45ACP-TargetWhen I took my wife to look at the Judge, I spent a good deal of time playing with a firearm they had on sale, the Springfield Armory XD 45ACP in 3.8” all black polymer with the crimson trace grip on it. I was focused on the Judge, but intrigued by the XD. Shortly thereafter I came back for the Springfield XD, but it had been put aside on layaway, gone from what could have been an exquisite and meaningful relationship.

I spent nights awake thinking of the Springfield Armory XD, and days dreaming of ownership; releasing what I imagined were perfect round after perfect round. Its absence haunted my thoughts and sent a chemical bouquet of norepinephrine, cortisol and regret through my veins.

Finally, one evening my wife and I were enjoying some beers and champagne, and I revealed that I had to get another firearm. She quickly accepted that proclamation, and the next morning I scoured the internet looking for the perfect Springfield Armory XD model that would suit my needs.

The Specs

After a day or two, I locked onto the one – a Springfield Armory 45 45 ACP Caliber 4” Service Model XD bi-tone with Black Polymer Frame and Forged Stainless Steel Slide and a Satin Finish. It came in its infamous 2006 package with 2, 13 round capacity stainless steel magazines, complete with a magazine loader, holster, two magazine holder and a chamber lock. 3 Dot Steel Front and Rear Dovetail make up its Sight System, and boasts a Dual Spring Recoil System with Full Length Guide Rod. It’s full length is 7.3”, height is 5.75”, weighs 30 ounces empty, and is one bad-ass Mechanical Dream.

I called my local retailer and told them I was going to have a transfer coming in for the Springfield Armory XD. They asked me how much it was coming in for, I gave them the price, and they offered to match it. They didn’t quite do so, but at $27 extra, with the taxes and accounting for the transfer fee, I was willing to support our local guys. And, I was able to get it lightning fast from their distributor.

The Springfield XD came in along with their ammunition order, and as usual I wiped out their Zombie Hornady 45ACP Hollow Point defensive cartridges along with all of their Federal American Eagle 45ACP Full Metal Jacket cartridge, cleaning out their fresh shipment of .45ACP cartridges!!

The Springfield Armory XD models are offered in 29 variants and four different colorcombinations. For the colors, they come in the Solid Black polymer, Olive Drab, Bi-Tone Black Polymer and Forged Stainless Steel, and Dark Earth.

Models include:

-Sub-Compact 3”-79.5mm in 9x19mm Parabellum with 13-16 round magazines.
-Sub-Compact 3”-79.5mm in .40 S&W with 9-12 round magazines.
-Compact 4”-102.5mm in .45 ACP with 10-13 round magazines.
-Compact 5”-127mm in .45 ACP with 10-13 round magazines.
-Service 4”-102.5mm in .45 ACP with 13 round magazines.
-Service 4”-102.5mm in .40 S&W with 12 round magazines.
-Service 4”-102.5mm in 9×19 Parabellum with 16 round magazines.
-Service 4”-102.5mm in .357 SIG with 12 round magazines.
-Service 4”-102.5mm in .45 GAP with 9 round magazines.
-Ported V-10 4”-102.5mm in 9×19 Parabellum with 16 round magazines.
-Ported V-10 4”-102.5mm in .40 S&W with 12 round magazines.
-Ported V-10 4”-102.5mm in .357 SIG with 12 round magazines.
-Tactical 5”-127mm in 9×19 Parabellum with 16 round magazines.
-Tactical 5”-127mm in .40 S&W with 12 round magazines.
-Tactical 5”-127mm in .357 SIG with 12 round magazines.
-Tactical 5”-127mm in .45 GAP with 9 round magazines.
-Tactical 5”-127mm in .45 ACP with 13 round magazines.
-XDM 4.5”-114.3mm in 9×19 Parabellum with 19 round magazines.
-XDM 4.5”-114.3mm in .40 S&W with 16 round magazines.
-XDM 4.5”-114.3mm in .45 ACP with 13 round magazines.
-XDM 3.8”-96.5mm in 9x19mm Parabellum with 19 round magazines.
-XDM 3.8”-96.5mm in .40 S&W with 16 round magazines.
-XDM Compact 3.8”-96.5mm in 9x19mm Parabellum with 19 round magazines.
-XDM Compact 3.8”-96.5mm in .40 S&W with 11-16 round magazines.
-XDM Compact 3.8”-96.5mm in .45ACP with 9-13 round magazines.
-XDM 5.25”-133.3mm in 9x19mm Parabellum with 19 round magazines.
-XDM 5.25”-133.3mm in .40 S&W with 16 round magazines.
-XDM 5.25”-133.3mm in .45ACP with 13 round magazines.
-XDS 3.3”-83.8mm in .45 ACP with 5 round magazines.

Safety features include the drop safety keeping the pistol from firing when dropped, as well as the trigger safety and the grip safeties. Optional ambidextrous frame mounted thumb safeties are available for the .45ACP, .40 and the 9mm variants.

That should be enough for you to find something you like!


The Springfield Armory XD is manufactured in Croatia and goes as far back as 1991 under the name PHP-Prvi Hrvatski Pistolj, meaning First Croatian Pistol, designed by Marko Vukovic and his team. It was later redesigned and released as the HS95 in 1995, and ultimately evolved into the HS2000 in 1999. It served as the Croatian Military’s primary side arm, and was imported for sale through HSAmerica as a 9mm.

By 2002 Springfield Armory, Inc gained the licensing rights and began selling it as the XD-9, or Extreme Duty 9x19mm Parabellum. An American market grew hungry for more variations, leading to the multiple offerings they have today.

The Springfield Armory XD 45ACP won the Handgun of the Year from American Rifleman and The Shooting Academy of Excellence in 2006, and in 2009 for the XDM model.

The Ammunition

The Springfield Armory XD has a nicely well rounded set of options for the chambering capabilities. These include:

-9x19mm Parabellum
-.40 S&W
-.357 SIG
-.45 GAP
-.45 ACP

45ACP Ammunition= 45ACP Ammunition=

The Test

My Springfield Armory XD 45ACP arrived at my local Armory on a Tuesday, and it would be another few days until Friday that I could take it to the range. When Friday came around, I took the first opportunity that the ranged opened, one hour after sunrise, to take the Springfield XD for a test run.

Since all XD’s come with a front rail system and I had missed out on the Crimson Trace special the local armory had, I went on amazon and bought a Compact Pistol Gun Picattiny Rail Red Laser Sight for $20! It looked good when I installed it, but at the range it was way off so I had to shoot without it. I did manage to spend some time with the adjustment when I got home.

Springfield Armory XD 45ACP

I wore my special bi-tone shirt to match the beauty and grace of the black polymer and stainless steel combination. I loaded the mags which was nice and smooth until I got the the 12th and 13th rounds, which got a little challenging. I should have used the magazine loader, which I still have yet to use. *As an update, the loader works well, especially with the stubborn twelfth and thirteenth rounds.

Magnum Research BFR S&W 500

Magnum Research BFR S&W 500

The Magnum Research BFR S&W 500 is a powerful, American made single action, five round cylinder revolver designed to fire off the presently largest caliber cartridge designed for a handgun; the .500 S&W Cartridge.

Designed and manufactured in the United States by Magnum Research, Inc. and its BFR acronym stands for Biggest, Finest Revolver, though there is a tendency for gun enthusiasts to replace the Finest and in place nickname it the Biggest Fucking Revolver!!

According the magnumresearch.com, it is the first and only revolver ever offered by Magnum Research and carefully crafted in the U.S.A. The all-stainless steel BFR is built to close tolerances to handle the pressure of true big-bore calibers – .45/70, .480 Ruger/.475 Linebaugh, .450 Marlin, .500 S&W, .50AE, .444 Marlin, .30/30 Winchester, .45 Long Colt/.410 and the new .460 S&W Magnum – as well as .454 Casull, and the .22 Hornet.

Magnum Research BFR S&W 500 TargetPresently coming in at well just above $1,050.00 suggested retail, its weight ranges between 3.6 and 5.3 lbs (1633-2404g). Depending on whether you choose the standard or short cylinder, it ranges in lenght from 12.75 inches to 17.5 inches (324 – 445mm), and the short cylinder measures 6.5 inches (165mm) while the standard barrel lengths come in 7.5 or 10 inches (191 to 254 mm). All are 1.75 inches wide (44mm) and 6 inches high (152 mm).

While capable of handling a variety of large caliber cartridges, the Magnum Research BFR is one in a very short list of revolvers that have been built to handle the .500 S&W Magnum. This cartridge itself was developed by Cor-Bon and the Smith & Wesson X-Gun engineering team. It was introduced at the SHOT show in 2003 in an attempt for Smith & Wesson to recapture the big gun market they started with the S&W .357 in 1935. The S&W 500 is currently the most powerful production handgun cartridge available.

Magnum Research BFR S&W 500

I’ve long read about the 500 S&W and always wanted the opportunity to fire off a round. The Magnum Research BFR has the respect and very real capability of handling the caliber, and I was excited to have at it. I’m usually quite confident with my accuracy and skills with handguns, even the large calibers, but I’ll admit that I had concerns over this one. Towards the second portion of this video, my wife decided to stand waaay back to film the shot; probably over-concerned with its recoil. As usual, I gave the firearm its due respect, concentrated heavily on the target, and after a few moments of deep meditation, fired off a powerful round that successfully met at the bulls eye. I am a pretty amazing shot, and this is a pretty amazing firearm. It’s fitter rubber grip, stainless steel body and well executed and planned design helped absorb much of the recoil, but it takes certain skill, talent and confidence to get control this badboy. The Magnum research BFR 500 S&W is one Big F*ing Revolver!!

Magnum Research BFR S&W 500

Thompson Contender

Thompson Contender

The Thompson Contender is a break open single shot pistol with unique barrel interchangeability.

The Contender is a uniquely designed single-shot, break-open pistol designed and manufactured by the Thompson/Center Arms Company founded in 1965 by the K.W. Thompson Tool Company and Warren Center. The company was ultimately bought out by Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation on January 4, 2007.

Thompson Contender TargetThe Thompson Contender’s most immediate advantage is having the accuracy of a rifle in the form of a handgun, making it an extremely popular pistol for hunters and black powder gaming. Among some of the other unique design advantages, the Contender’s barrel is attached to the frame and can therefore be easily removed with a flat head screwdriver and interchanged to fit a number of cartridges and their appropriate barrel lenghts. In addition, the pre-aligned sights made the changes very easy, and the shooter is further allowed to choose between centerfire or rimfire firing pins.

Barrel lengths come in 8, 10, 14, 16 and 21 inches and are interchangeable with currently available G2 (Second Generation). This flexibility is what makes the Contender such a popular break-open pistol. Its interchangeability, ease and ultimately its inexpense makes it a very attractive firearm. Even its trigger system is adjustable allowing a user to accurize for long range target shooting hair triggers up to heavy trigger pulls suitable for hunting.

When it comes to calibers for the Contender, available cartridges for the Contender include the wildcat cartridges such as the 7-30 Waters, several TCU cartrdges, .357 Herrett, .30-30 Winchester, and .223 Remington cases as seen on this page’s video. It can even fire larger cartridges such as .410 bore shotgun shells through a .45 Colt barrel, and can be fitted with a .44 Magnum barrel for .44 Magnum cartridges.

The Thompson Contender is certainly a unique firearm which is definitely suitable for hunting, and also very interesting for target shooting. In this video, I am seen connecting several shots into my target with very good precision, though it took me some time to level my weapon. The .223 Remington casings were an ideal choice for this pistol and its projected direction is in immediate response to the movement of the person taking aim. A highly thrilling experience offering rifle precision and almost infinite flexibility, the Contender is an ideal firearm in any hunter’s arsenal.

Thompson Contender

44 Desert Eagle

Desert Eagle

The Desert Eagle is a powerful gas operated semi-automatic pistol with a large frame and a powerful and destructive force. Originally designed as a revolver, it later captured a niche market when redesigned as a semi-automatic handgun – the only competitor of its kind to the 44 Remington Magnum revolver series. Though currently under the direction of the Israeli Weapon Industries, it was originally designed by Magnum Research’s Bernard C. White during the late 1970’s and into the early 1980’s, with two patents being filed in 1983 and 1985 by yet another group to hold its ownership, the Israeli Military Industries.

Unlike the usual blow-back or short recoil pistol designs, the gas operated design allowed the use of more powerful cartridges. The gas system borrows its operating concept from much larger powerful rifles such as the M14 and M16 series. Though with good reason some would celebrate this aspect of the weapon, its greatest drawback is in the Desert Eagle’s large size and weight as a handgun.

Shooting a 44 Desert EagleBy easily exchanging the barrel and magazine, the Desert Eagle can fire cartridges of .357 Magnum, .41 Magnum, .44 Magnum, 440 , 45 ACP, Cor-bon and .50 Action Express. The maximum effective range is 200 meters with the .50 AE.
Depending on the cartridges, its capacity ranges from 7 to 9 rounds per magazine, and barrel sizes range from six to ten inches (152.4 to 254.0 mm). As a .44 Magnum, it weighs 4.2 lbs, or 1,897 grams.
44 Desert Eagle TargetWhen grasping this monstrous weapon, the Eagle’s weight is immediately appreciable, and extra effort is necessary when aligning the sights to the target. Once the objective is in sight, concentration, slow and steady breaths and a slow pull of the trigger are necessary for a good shot. Allowing the detonation to surprise you, the round escapes through the barrel with powerful intent and devastating recoil. When observing other shooters, one can see a cloud of explosion at the tip of the barrel. As a shooter, it takes a moment to realign the sights to the target. And if you’ve fired off your first round well, you can enjoy the satisfaction of claiming the target with a powerful and unruly pistol.
I love this firearm! The Desert Eagle was designed to be a powerful force and a real stopping weapon as demonstrated by its large cartridge capacities. It’s power and impressiveness easily overshadows some of its drawbacks. Due to its massive weight and compromised control, it’s best considered a destructive member of a larger arsenal rather than a primary weapon, perhaps after the acquisition of a 45 1911, paralleling them to 44 Magnum and 38 Special revolvers.
9mm Glock Semi Automatic Pistol

9mm Glock

The 9mm Glock is a collection of polymer and steel semi-automatic pistols that are among the most commonly used handguns in the world; claiming up to 65% of the law enforcement market in the United States, with the Glock 17 9mm reigning in as the dominant force.

Designed by AShooting a 9mm Glockustrian company Glock GmbH in Deutsche-Wagram, its original intent was to replace the World War II era Walther P38 that was the standard hand weapon of the Austrian Ministry of Defense. According to the company’s website, over 2,500,000 units in its multiple variants have been produced since 1982. A pioneer in
synthetic polymers, Glock GmbH paved the way in handgunmaterials manufacturing by introducing the first
synthetic polymer – or plastic – handgun frame.

The standard 9mm Glock 17 measures 7.32 inches (186 mm) and weighs 22 ounces (625 grams). It has an optional 10, 19 and 33 round capacity with 17 being the standard. It is a short recoil operated locked breech that uses a cam-lock system.

Upon first holding the Glock, I could quickly feel its lightweight qualities and how easy it was to grasp and maneuver. As a aligned my sights to the target and controlled my breath, I squeezed slowly on the trigger and finally allowed it to surprise me at the fire. The bullet escaped through the barrel and connected evenly with the target as the pistol recoiled with soft forgiving. A brief realigning was necessary to repeat the process again, and all the proceeding rounds managed to connect evenly and assertively at the center of the objective.

9mm Glock TargetThe 9mm Glock has gained a solid following and reputation for many reasons including its lightweight qualities, reliability, passive safety features and simple yet defined style. As a semi-automatic pistol, it
remains a personal favorite due to its control, simplicity and itsability to consistently attain its target.

I’ve been getting a lot of slack over the years on the Glock being too much of a block, too square or too unsexy. It’s been compared negatively to the 9mm Beretta 92. I’m a big fan of the Beretta, but it’s an unfair comparison because you’re paying almost twice as much for the firearm over the Glock, and the Glock was never
designed to be sexy, but to be intimidating, reliable and practical while being priced well enough to fit the demanding budgets of law enforcement.

So, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Have fun walking down the runway with your sexy Beretta as I shoot 9mm cartridges into the furious darkness of the night with my 9mm Glock.

22 Beretta

Beretta 22

The Beretta .22 LR Practice Kit is designed by Beretta specifically for the Beretta 92 series pistols. It’s main purpose according to Beretta USA is to facilitate practice shooting and training with the already familiar 92 Series. The 22 conversion kit features a matte black finish and includes the steel .22LR barrel, an aluminum slide with FS manual safety and firing pin block, recoil spring, recoil spring guide, a 10 round techno-polymer magazine and a magazine loader. Extra magazines are available, currently with a suggested retail price of about $40.00. Fully adjustable rear and fixed front sights are standard features, and the locking system becomes blow-back. The overall kit, according to Beretta USA, is sold for $349.00.

The .22 LR kit converts all standard frame 92 series pistols which include Target, Brigadier, Centurion and Elite versions of models 92SB, 92F, 92FS, 96, 98F, 98FS, 92G, 96DG, 93D and the 98F CAL. 7.65 MM PARA. They are not meant for the Compact L and M due to shorter frames, 92A1 and 96A1 as well as the Combat, Stock and Billennium versions which are entirely different systemsta .22 LR Practice Kit fires .22 LR caliber cartridges, has a magazine capacity of 10, its barrel length is 5.1 inches (130 mm) and its sight radius is 6.8 inches (172 mm).

My wife decided to take on the Beretta 22 Beretta Target.22 even after firing off some nice rounds with a 9mm Glock; she felt as if she might do better with a lighter cartridge, though I was absolutely impressed by her precision with the 9mm. Nevertheless, she took aim at both the head and the chest, and beautifully connected on both counts. The photograph shows only the shots that connected with the chest, because…. you get the picture and I’ too lazy to edit another photograph. but you can see the target results in the video. Overall, she was happy with the accuracy but felt the gun could do little more than some light target shooting. And as Beretta suggests, this is a practice shooting and training caliber with the main advantage being the overall cost savings from using the much lighter and less expensive .22.