Remington 870 a

The Remington Shotgun Model 870

The Remington Shotgun Model 870 is a pump action shotgun manufactured in the United States by Remington Arms Company, Incorporated since 1951. According to the Gun Digest Treasury, the 870 holds the record for being the best selling shotgun in the world with over ten million units sold. Its popularity can be attributed to its ruggedness and reliability as demonstrated by various military and police organizations throughout the world.

The Remington Shotgun comes in several variants including the Wingmaster, Express, Marine, SPS, SPS-T, XCS, TAC and Super Magnum. It ranges from 7 to 8 pounds (3.2 to 3.6 kg) and ranges from 37.5 to 50.5 inches (946 to 1,283 mm).

Its internal tube magazine holds between three and eight rounds with cartridge sizes of 12 gage, 16 gage, 20 gage, 28 gage ad .410 bore. It is a bottom feeder with a side ejector for spent casings.

I normally like to get some shooting in before venturing off into my annual shaman’s journey, and this year I concentrated my efforts on several shotguns and a little trap shooting. After shooting a 20 gage shotgun with perfect precision; connecting at 100% with every disk, I decided to step it up and use the 12 Remington Shotgun – the 870 badboy.

Remington Shotgun

I definitely lost some of the precision and connected less, connecting between 70% initially then improving to about 80%. But what I gained was power and exhilaration! The recoil pushed the cavity between my shoulder and chest with delicate force, and the sounds of each explosion ventured into the air with claim and dignity.

Target shooting straight with the Remington Shotgun has always been near perfect, but the smooth flow of back and forth movements trying to align the sight with the clays was challenged by the sight itself above the barrel. While it may have air pockets to allow for fluid movement, the 20 gage Defender lacked that extra material and was far easier to maneuver.

In the first video on this page, I’m firing a Remington 870 Magnum straight into the range. While the stuffed animals posing as targets don’t even move as the pellets shoot right through them, precision is definitely challenged. However, the shower of pellets penetrate at least portions of the body even at a range of thirty yards. Any closer and annihilation is practically guaranteed. This is what makes the Remington an excellent choice for home protection; at close encounters, a point and shoot action is sufficient to bring down any potential threat, and its 12 gage ammunition offers incredible stopping power!

Nevertheless, the Remington was a far more exciting weapon, and its inspiration set the mood for a twisted evening filled with fury and lethal detonation.

Remington Shotgun